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» Metronomy, Nights Out (ECD)
» Sandra Nasic, Signal
» Sara Bareilles, Little Voice (ECD)
» Taxiride, Garage Mahal
» The Teenagers, Reality Check
» Thievery Corporation, Sounds From The Thievery Hi-Fi
» Bangles, Greatest Hits
» Denis Kalinsky & Rock'o'Co, Rosin
» Dragonforce, Ultra Beatdown
» Electrelane, Singles, B-Sides & Live
» Gym Class Heroes, As Cruel As School Children
» Hush, A Lifetime
» Jewel, Pieces Of You
» Los Banditos, Collected Works
» Mastodon, Crack The Skye (CD + DVD)
» Midlake, The Courage Of Others
» Mumford & Sons, Babel
» Oneida, Enemy Hogs
» Sense Field, Tonight And Forever
» Sonne Adam, Transformation
» The Monkees, Head
» The Psychedelic Furs, Forever Now
» Евгений Маргулис, Чиж, Ромарио, Имена
» Connie Francis, The Very Best Of Connie Francis
» Deftones, Deftones (ECD)
» Don Henley, The Very Best Of
» Dragonforce, Twilight Dementia, Live
» Electrelane, Axes
» Everybody's Talkin' , The Very Best Of Harry Nilsson
» Gыndul Mыцеi, Ла Чокана
» Jamiroquai, High Times, Singles 1992-2006
» King's X, Gretchen Goes To Nebraska
» Megaded, A Tribute To Megadeath
» Megaherz, Wer Bist Du
» Mia, Hieb Und Stichfest
» Monrose, Strictly Physical
» Portishead, Third
» Pulp, Different Class (Deluxe Edition)
» Ratatat, Ratatat
» Razorlight, Slipway Fires
» Sinead O'Conner, So Far The Best Of
» Static-X, Shadow Zone
» The Barracudas, The Barracudas
» The Charlatans, Melting Pot
» The Christians, The Best Of
» The Feelies, Crazy Rhythms
» The Human League, The Best Of
» The Mountain Goats, Heretic Pride
» The Replacements, Let It Be
» The Weathermen, Deeper
» Theory Of A Deadman, The Truth Is
» Thompson Twins, The Greatest Hits
» Tim McGraw, Southern Voice
» Tired Pony, The Ghost Of The Mountain
» Vanilla Fudge, Psychedelic Sunday, The Best Of
» Алексей Хвостенко и Камиль Чалаев, Три песни старца
» Cinderella, Once Upon A.
» Clinic, Walking With Thee
» Colbie Caillat, Coco
» Coma, Excess
» CSNY, Deja Vu, Live
» Duane Eddy, Boss Guitar
» Dylan LeBlanc, Paupers Field
» Folke, Ordinary Extraordinary
» Guided By Voices, Half Smiles Of The Decomposed
» In The Nursery, Composite, The Brasilian Issue
» Litfiba, Urlo
» Lykke Li, Wounded Rhymes
» Mew, Frengers
» Modest Mouse, We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank
» Oneida, Come On Everybody Let's Rock
» Pino Daniele, Non Calpestare I Fiori Nel Deserto
» Punk TV, Loverdrive
» RJD2, The Third Hand
» Rome, A Cross Of Fire
» Sheryl Crow, The Very Best Of
» Soman, Re:Up
» Songs About Love
» Sweethead, Sweethead
» Taxiride, Imaginate
» The Best Of R.E.M.
» The Decemberists, The Hazards Of Love
» The Strokes, Is This It (СD + DVD)
» Theatre Of Tragedy, Storm
» Tom Waits, Big Time
» Volbeat, Beyond Hell, Above Heaven
» Зимавсегда, Доброжелатель
» О! Чилап, Камень в ботинке
» Aztec Spirits, Return Of The Gods
» Barry Manilow, Even Now
» Cock Robin, The Best Of Cock Robin
» Coronatus, Fabula Magna
» Editors, The Back Room (CD + DVD)
» Franz Ferdinand, You Could Have It So Much Better
» Gym Class Heroes, The Papercut Chronicles II
» Hooverphonic, Blue Wonder Power Milk
» In The Nursery, Duality
» Jewel, This Way (ECD)
» Killerpilze, Mit Pauken Und Raketen (ECD)
» Kubana рекомендует! Rock Stars