Рок музыка, Rock Music:

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» Мумий Тролль, Амба
» Ministry, The Land Of Rape And Honey
» Barenaked Ladies, Gordon
» Bay City Rollers, Absolute Rollers
» Colbie Caillat, Coco
» Elvis Presley, Viva Las Vegas
» Kreator, Enemy Of God
» Rufus Wainwright, Milwaukee At Last!!!
» Sara Bareilles, Little Voice (ECD)
» Soman, Re:Up
» The White Stripes, The White Stripes
» Doro, Love Me In Black
» Editors, The Back Room (CD + DVD)
» Head Sounds From The Bam-Caruso Waxworks, Vol.1, No, 1
» Jewel, Pieces Of You
» Paradox, Paradox
» Remember Shakti, Saturday Night In Bombay
» Terry Callier, The New Folk Sound Of Terry Callier
» The House Of Love, The House Of Love
» The Tank, Remodel
» Don Henley, The Very Best Of
» Everybody's Talkin' , The Very Best Of Harry Nilsson
» Gym Class Heroes, The Papercut Chronicles II
» Kittie, Safe
» Konrad Junghanel, Biber, Missa Alleluija, Schmelzer, Vesperae Sollennes
» Mediengruppe Telekommander, Naeher Am Menschen
» Melissa Etheridge, Melissa Etheridge
» Mogwai, Zidanе, An Original Soundtrack
» Momus, Oskar Tennis Champion
» Peaches, Impeach My Bush
» Skunk Anansie, Wonderlustre
» Tegan And Sara, This Business Of Art
» The Wonder Stuff, Never Loved Elvis
» Паперный т.А..М Весна
» Clinic, Walking With Thee
» Dominici, O3 A Trilogy, Part 2
» Duane Eddy, Boss Guitar
» Good Charlotte, Greatest Remixes
» Guided By Voices, Half Smiles Of The Decomposed
» Helstar, Glory Of Chaos
» In The Nursery, Composite, The Brasilian Issue
» Laurie Anderson, Home Of The Brave
» Leonard Cohen, I'm Your Man, Motion Picture Soundtrack
» Love Sculpture, Blues Helping
» Matchbox, The Platinum Collection
» Modest Mouse, We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank
» The Lemonheads, The Best Of, The Atlantic Years
» The Teens, Past And Present '76-'96
» Gym Class Heroes, As Cruel As School Children
» Hootie & The Blowfish, Hootie & The Blowfish
» Jewel, This Way (ECD)
» John Fogerty, Revival
» Living Things, Habeas Corpus
» Lucio Dalla, La Neve Con La Luna Live
» Mastodon, Crack The Skye (CD + DVD)
» Matchbox Twenty, Exile On Mainstream
» Mika Miko, We Be Xuxa
» Mogwai, The Hawk Is Howling, Limited Edition (CD + DVD)
» Mono, You Are There
» Natalie Merchant, Motherland
» No Doubt, Icon
» Oneida, Enemy Hogs
» Ophiolatry, Transmutation
» Platero Y Tu, Voy A Acabar Borracho
» Pumajaw, Favourites
» Red Hot Chili Peppers, Greatest Hits
» Ross The Boss, Hailstorm
» Rufus Wainwright, Poses
» Sense Field, Tonight And Forever
» Steely Dan, Gaucho (SACD)
» The Mountain Goats, Get Lonely
» The Real McKenzies, Off The Leash
» The Residents, The Bunny Boy
» The Subways, All Or Nothing (ECD + DVD)
» The Tiger Lillies, Seven Deadly Sins
» The Ting Tings, We Started Nothing
» The Used, Lies For The Liars
» The Verve, A Northern Soul
» The White Stripes, Get Behind Me Satan
» Verba, Tok
» Анатолий Алешин, Алешин
» Евгений Маргулис, Чиж, Ромарио, Имена
» Ольга Арефьева и Ковчег, Сторона От
» Chairlift, Does You Inspire You
» Cluster, Cluster II
» Cocteau Twins, Victorialand
» Cream, The Very Best Of
» Deftones, Deftones (ECD)
» Destruction, D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N.
» Donots, Got The Noise
» Dragonforce, Twilight Dementia, Live
» Duane Eddy, Greatest Hits
» Dum Dum Girls, I Will Be
» Electrelane, Axes
» Elton John, Rocket Man, The Definitive Hits
» Eureka, Shackleton's Voyage
» Funker Vogt, Blutzoll
» Goldfrapp, Seventh Tree
» Jamiroquai, High Times, Singles 1992-2006
» JD Souther, If The World Was You