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Сборники джаза

The Jazz Box (10 CD)
Цена: 3169.руб
Описание: Год:

I Got Rhythm. Jazz Stars Play Gershwin (2 CD)
Цена: 2419.руб
Описание: Год:

Marlene Dietrich. Live At The Cafe De Paris-London 1954
Цена: 529.руб
Описание: Год:

Stars In Las Vegas (10 CD)
Цена: 1699.руб
Описание: Содержание: CD 1 Frank Sinatra 01 (01) I'll Be Seeing You 02 (02) The Sunshine Of Your Smile 03 (03) Shake Down The Stars 04 (04) East Of The Sun 05 (05) Trade Winds 06 (06) Our Love Affair 07 (07) You And I 08 (08) How About You? 09 (09) You Might Have Belonged To Another 10 (10) Take Me 11 (11) Let's Get Away From It All 12 (12) Daybreak 13 (13) People Will Say We're In Love 14 (14) Without A Song 15 (15) Fools Rush In 16 (16) There Are Things 17 (17) I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance 18 (18) Tell Me At Midnight 19 (19) Oh! Look At Me Now 20 (20) Devil May Care CD 2 Sarah Vaughan 01 (21) Black Coffee 02 (22) As You Desire Me 03 (23) While You Are Gone 04 (24) Just Friends 05 (25) You Taught Me To Love Again 06 (26) Lonely Girl 07 (27) You're Mine, You 08 (28) The Nearness Of You 09 (29) I'm Crazy To Love You 10 (30) Don't Be Afraid 11 (31) I'll Know 12 (32) Thinking Of You 13 (33) These Things I Offer You 14 (34) After Hours 15 (35) Just A Moment More 16 (36) Time To Go 17 (37) Corner To Corner 18 (38) Street Of Dreams 19 (39) I Confess 20 (40) A Blues Serenade CD 3 Billy Eckstine 01 (41) Everything I Have Is Yours 02 (42) Fool Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread) 03 (43) Mr. B's Blues 04 (44) Somehow 05 (45) Caravan 06 (46) Body And Soul 07 (47) I've Never Been In Love Before 08 (48) As Long As I Live 09 (49) I Left My Hat In Haiti 10 (50) Here Come The Blues 11 (51) Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries 12 (52) Wonder Why 13 (53) I'm A Fool To Want You 14 (54) Taking A Chance On Love 15 (55) You're Driving Me Crazy 16 (56) Early Autumn 17 (57) Tenderly 18 (58) April In Paris 19 (59) Coquette 20 (60) Send My Baby Back To Me CD 4 Dean Martin 01 (61) All Of Me 02 (62) The Sweetheart Of Sigma Chi 03 (63) Hold Me 04 (64) Memory Lane 05 (65) Louise 06 (66) One Foot In Heaven 07 (67) Smile, Smile, Smile 08 (68) For Somebody Else 09 (69) Johnny, Get Your Girl 10 (70) Three Wishes 11 (71) Just For Fun 12 (72) My Own, My Only, My All 13 (73) Rain 14 (74) I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine 15 (75) Be Honest With Me 16 (76) Baby, Obey Me 17 (77) Day After Day 18 (78) I'm In Love With You 19 (79) Tonda Wanda Hoy 20 (80) You're The Right One CD 5 Mills Brothers 01 (81) Old Folks At Home 02 (82) Lazy River 03 (83) Sweet Georgia Brown 04 (84) Cherry 05 (85) Nagasaki 06 (86) My Walking Stick 07 (87) Darling Nelly Gray 08 (88) Paper Doll 09 (89) In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree 10 (90) Miss Otis Regrets 11 (91) I've Found A New Baby 12 (92) Carry Me Back To Old Virginny 13 (93) Rockin' Chair 14 (94) The Flat Foot Floogee 15 (95) Old Fashioned Love 16 (96) The Song Is Ended 17 (97) Sweet Sue, Just You 18 (98) Marie 19 (99) Boog - It 20 (100) Rhythm Saved The World CD 6 Xavier Cugat 01 (101) The Continental 02 (102) Rumba Rhapsody 03 (103) Amor 04 (104) La Negra Leoner 05 (105) Etude For Latins 06 (106) Duerme 07 (107) Rumba Rumba 08 (108) Besame Mucho 09 (109) Chop Sticks 10 (110) Ali Baba 11 (111) Linda Mujer 12 (112) Night Must Fall (Over All) 13 (113) Tierra Va Tembla (Earth Will Tremble) 14 (114) Chiu Chiu 15 (115) Temptation 16 (116) Mi Sombrero 17 (117) Oye Negra 18 (118) Brazil 19 (119) Jarabe Tapatio (Mexican Hat Dance) 20 (120) Misirlou CD 7 Sammy Davis Jr. 01 (121) Inka Dinka 02 (122) Laura 03 (123) Azure 04 (124) Here Lies Love 05 (125) Wagon Wheels 06 (126) Yours Is My Heart Alone 07 (127) Dedicated To You 08 (128) Smile, Darn Ya, Smile 09 (129) We're Gonna Roll 10 (130) Got A Great Big Schovel 11 (131) What Can I Do 12 (132) I Don't Care Who Knows 13 (133) The Way You Look Tonight 14 (134) Dreamy Blues 15 (135) Can't You See I've Got The Blues 16 (136) You Are My Lucky Star 17 (137) I'm Sorry Dear 18 (138) I Ain't Got Nobody 19 (139) Be-Bop The Beguine 20 (140) When I'm Gone CD 8 Louis Armstrong 01 (141) Panama 02 (142) My Backet Got Hole In It 03 (143) New Orleans Function: A. Free As A Bird / B. Didn't He Ramble 04 (144) Life Is So Peculiar 05 (145) You Rascal You 06 (146) Can Anyone Explain? (No, No, No) 07 (147) Dream A Little Dream Of Me 08 (148) Oops! 09 (149) Necessary Evil 10 (150) Who Walks In When I Walk Out 11 (151) Kiss Of Life (El Choclo) 12 (152) Jeannine 13 (153) Chlo-e (Song Of The Swamp) 14 (154) That's What The Man Said 15 (155) When It's Sleepy Time Down South 16 (156) Sittin' In The Sun (Countin' My Money) 17 (157) It's All In The Game 18 (158) Ramona 19 (159) Sit Down, You're Rocking The Boat 20 (160) You Can Depend On Me CD 9 Nat King Cole 01 (161) Come To Baby, Do 02 (162) I Know That You Know 03 (163) The Frim Fram Sauce 04 (164) How Dose It Feel 05 (165) Lillian 06 (166) Lush Life 07 (167) Who Do You Know In Heaven (That Made You The Angel You Are) 08 (168) Orange Colored Sky 09 (169) Jam-Bo 10 (170) Get To Gettin' 11 (171) Paint Yourself A Rainbow 12 (172) Destination Moon 13 (173) That's My Girl 14 (174) Wish I Were Somebody Else 15 (175) It's Crazy 16 (176) You Stepped Out Of A Dream 17 (177) Where Were You 18 (178) Summer Is A-Comin' In 19 (179) Funny (Not Much) 20 (180) This Can't Be Love CD 10 The Rat Pack – Davis / Sinatra / Martin 01 (181) Close To You (Frank Sinatra) 02 (182) The One I Love (Live) (Dean Martin & Frank Sinatra) 03 (183) In The Morning (Sammy Davis Jr.) 04 (184) The One I Love (Frank Sinatra) 05 (185) Bella Bimba (Dean Martin) 06 (186) Night And Day (Frank Sinatra) 07 (187) Night Train To Memphis (Dean Martin) 08 (188) Imagination (Frank Sinatra) 09 (189) If (Dean Martin) 10 (190) Blue Skies (Frank Sinatra) 11 (191) Santa Lucia (Dean Martin) 12 (192) Stardust (Frank Sinatra) 13 (193) What I've Got In Mind (Sammy Davis Jr.) 14 (194) Beside You (Dean Martin) 15 (195) Sentimental Baby (Frank Sinatra) 16 (196) Oh, Marie (Dean Martin) 17 (197) Mood Indigo (Frank Sinatra) 18 (198) Pennies From Heaven (Dean Martin) 19 (199) This Love Of Mine (Frank Sinatra) 20 (200) Bonne Nuit (Dean Martin) Год:

John Scofield. Original Albums (5 CD)
Цена: 2279.руб
Описание: Год:

Preservation Hall Jazz Band. So It Is
Цена: 729.руб
Описание: Год:

The Golden Years Of Revival Jazz. Vol.15
Цена: 1129.руб
Описание: Год:

Feelin's & Boris Savoldelli. Yesenin Jazz
Цена: 309.руб
Описание: Год:

Jazz Style Series. Bebop It Began In The Big Apple (2 CD)
Цена: 1179.руб
Описание: Год:

Hier Jazzt Die Heide
Цена: 819.руб
Описание: Год:

Marlene Dietrich. In Rio 1959
Цена: 517.руб
Описание: Год:

Инструментальный коктейль 3
Цена: 269.руб
Описание: Год:

George Benson. 5 Original Albums (5 CD)
Цена: 2279.руб
Описание: Год:

Jazz On Film. Biopics (6 CD)
Цена: 2469.руб
Описание: Год:

The Golden Years Of Revival Jazz. Vol. 13
Цена: 1129.руб
Описание: Год:

Alina Rostotskaya & Jazzmobile. Flow
Цена: 206.руб
Описание: Год:

Hardbop. The Time When Jazz Became Funky (2 CD)
Цена: 1199.руб
Описание: Год:

Ultimate Jazz Guitar Collection. Vol. 1 (10 CD)
Цена: 1649.руб
Описание: CD 1: 01. Wes Montgomery - Airegin02. Wes Montgomery - D-Natural Blues03. Wes Montgomery - Polka Dots And Moonbeams04. Wes Montgomery - Four On Six05. Wes Montgomery - West Coast Blues06. Wes Montgomery - In Your Own Sweet Way07. Wes Montgomery - Mr. Walker08. Wes Montgomery - Gone With The Wind09. Kenny Burrell - Phinupi10. Kenny Burrell - Yes Baby11. Kenny Burrell - Scotch Blues12. Kenny Burrell - The Man I LoveCD 2: 01. Jim Hall - Stompin' At The Savoy02. Jim Hall - Things Ain't What They Used To Be03. Jim Hall - This Is Always04. Jim Hall - Thanks For The Memory05. Jim Hall - Tangerine06. Jim Hall - Stella By Starlight07. Jim Hall - 9:20 Special 08. Jim Hall - Deep In A Dream09. Jim Hall - Look For The Silver Lining10. Jim Hall - Seven Come ElevenCD 3: 01. Herb Ellis & Jimmy Giuffre - Goose Grease02. Herb Ellis & Jimmy Giuffre - When Your Lover Has Gone03. Herb Ellis & Jimmy Giuffre - Remember04. Herb Ellis & Jimmy Giuffre - Patricia05. Herb Ellis & Jimmy Giuffre - A Country Boy06. Herb Ellis & Jimmy Giuffre - You Know07. Herb Ellis & Jimmy Giuffre - My Old Flame08. Herb Ellis & Jimmy Giuffre - People Will Say We're In Love09. Mundell Lowe - Speak Low10. Mundell Lowe - We'll Be Together Again11. Mundell Lowe - Memories of You12. Mundell Lowe - Ill Wind13. Mundell Lowe - You Don't Know What Love Is14. Mundell Lowe - I Dream Too Much15. Mundell Lowe - June in January16. Mundell Lowe - I'll Take the Romance17. Mundell Lowe - It's So Peaceful in the Country18. Mundell Lowe - Our Waltz19. Mundell Lowe - I'm Old Fashioned20. Mundell Lowe - GoodbyeCD 4: 01. Tal Farlow - Walkin'02. Tal Farlow - You Come Along (From Out of Nowhere) 03. Tal Farlow - Bye Bye Blues04. Tal Farlow - Lorinesque05. Tal Farlow - Moonlight Becomes You06. Tal Farlow - Will You Still Be Mine? 07. Tal Farlow - On the Alamo08. Joe Puma - Loris09. Joe Puma - A Little Rainy10. Joe Puma - Helen11. Joe Puma - Hallelujah 12. Joe Puma - How About You13. Joe Puma - Pumatic14. Joe Puma - Liza15. Joe Puma - Moon Song (That Wasn't For Me) CD 5: 01. Jimmy Raney - Isn't It Romantic02. Jimmy Raney - How Long Has This Been Going On03. Jimmy Raney - No Male for Me04. Jimmy Raney - The Flag Is Up 05. Jimmy Raney - Get Off That Roof06. Jimmy Raney - Jim's Tune07. Jimmy Raney - No One but Me08. Jimmy Raney - Too Late Now 09. Howard Roberts - Will You Still Be Mine10. Howard Roberts - When The Sun Comes Out11. Howard Roberts - All The Things You Are12. Howard Roberts - Lover Man13. Howard Roberts - Relaxin' At Camarillo14. Howard Roberts - Godchild15. Howard Roberts - Easy Living 16. Howard Roberts - Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea17. Howard Roberts - The More I See You18. Howard Roberts - TerpsichoreCD 6: 01. Freddie Green - Up In The Blues02. Freddie Green - Down For The Double03. Freddie Green - Back And Forth04. Freddie Green - Free And Easy05. Freddie Green - Learnin' The Blues06. Freddie Green - Feed Bag07. Freddie Green - Something's Got To Give08. Freddie Green - Easy Does It09. Freddie Green - Little Red10. Freddie Green - Swinging Back11. Freddie Green - A Date With Ray12. Freddie Green - When You Wish Upon A Star13. Oscar Moore - Dinner For One14. Oscar Moore - Walkin' Home15. Oscar Moore - Up Tempo16. Oscar Moore - Buddy Can You Spare A Dime? 17. Oscar Moore - There'll Never Be Another You18. Oscar Moore - April In Paris19. Oscar Moore - Samson & Delilah Theme20. Oscar Moore - Moonlight In Vermont21. Oscar Moore - Kiss Me AgainCD 7: 01. Django Reinhardt - Minor Swing02. Django Reinhardt - Swing 4103. Django Reinhardt - Artillerie Lourde04. Django Reinhardt - Peche A La Mouche05. Django Reinhardt - Swing Guitars06. Django Reinhardt - Belleville 07. Django Reinhardt - Douce Ambiance 08. Django Reinhardt - Swing de Paris09. Django Reinhardt - Babik10. Django Reinhardt - Swingtime In The Springtime11. Django Reinhardt - Manoir De Mes Reves12. Django Reinhardt - Blues En Mineur13. Django Reinhardt - Swing 3914. Django Reinhardt - Melodie Au Crepuscule15. Django Reinhardt - Feerie16. Django Reinhardt - Dinette17. Django Reinhardt - Stockholm18. Django Reinhardt - Nuages19. Django Reinhardt - Del Salle20. Django Reinhardt - Vendredi 1321. Django Reinhardt - Sweet Chorus22. Django Reinhardt - Crepuscule23. Django Reinhardt - Songe D'automne24. Django Reinhardt - Folie A AmphionCD 8: 01. Billy Bauer - It's A Blue World02. Billy Bauer - Maybe I Love You Too Much03. Billy Bauer - Lincoln Tunnel04. Billy Bauer - Night Cruise05. Billy Bauer - Too Marvelous For Words06. Billy Bauer - Lady Estelle's Dream07. Billy Bauer - You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To08. Billy Bauer - When It's Sleepy Time Down South09. Billy Bauer - The Way You Look Tonight10. Billy Bauer - Lullaby Of The Leaves11. Billy Bauer - Moon MistCD 9: 01. Charlie Byrd - Taking A Chance On Love02. Charlie Byrd - Moonlight In Vermont 03. Charlie Byrd - Speak Low04. Charlie Byrd - Nuages05. Charlie Byrd - Ev'rything I've Got06. Charlie Byrd - Makin' Whoopee07. Charlie Byrd - Django08. Charlie Byrd - Nice Work If You Can Get It09. Charlie Byrd - The House Of The Rising Sun10. Charlie Byrd - Ring Them Harmonics11. Charlie Byrd - Taboo12. Charlie Byrd - To Ginny13. Rene Thomas - Burt's Pad14. Rene Thomas - Chicago15. Rene Thomas - Autobuzz16. Rene Thomas - Indiana17. Rene Thomas - Get Out Of Town18. Rene Thomas - Tis Autumn19. Rene Thomas - ThomasiaCD 10: 01. Luiz Bonfa - Brasilia02. Luiz Bonfa - I'll Remember April03. Luiz Bonfa - Lonely Lament04. Luiz Bonfa - Carnival05. Luiz Bonfa - George Back In Town06. Luiz Bonfa - Blue Madrid07. Luiz Bonfa - Island Of Trinidade08. Luiz Bonfa - Old Times09. Luiz Bonfa - Marajo10. Luiz Bonfa - Indian Dance11. Luiz Bonfa - Nelly12. Luiz Bonfa - Preludio13. Luiz Bonfa - Yesterdays14. Luiz Bonfa - Bagpipes 15. Luiz Bonfa - Arabesque Год:

Mod Jazz Forever
Цена: 1219.руб
Описание: Год:

Existentialism. Revival Jazz Of The 60's (10 CD)
Цена: 1659.руб
Описание: Disc 1: Chris Barber's Jazz Band Featuring Ottilie Patterson And Monty Sunshine, Live In Europe, 1954/1955 1. Hiawatha Rag 2. Jeep's Blues 3. If I Ever Cease To Love 4. Merrydown Blues 5. Goin' To Town6. Lord, Lord, Lord (You've Sure Been Good To Me) 7. Someday Sweetheart 8. When I Move To The Sky 9. Shout'em Aunt Tillie 10. Spanish Mama 11. See See Rider 12. Black Cat On The Fence 13. Papa De Da Da 14. Keystone Blues 15. Jail House Blues 16. High Society Disc 2: Chris Barber's Jazz Band, Featuring Ottilie Patterson And Monty Sunshine, Live In Europe, 1955/1956. Papa Bues New Orleans Band17. Bye And Bye 18. Magnolia's Wedding Day 19. Jelly Bean Blues 20. Everywhere You Go 21. Tiger Rag 22. Can't Afford To Do It 23. Original Tuxedo Rag 24. Bogalusa Strut 25. How Long Blues 26. Whistling Rufus 27. Reckless Blues 28. Panama 29. Back Water Blues 30. Big House Blues 31. The Royal Telephone 32. Bill BaileyDisc 3: Bill Davison Featuring Edmond Hall And Eddie Condon - At The Jazz Band Ball33. At The Jazz Band Ball 34. That's A Plenty 35. Baby, Won't You Please Come Home 36. Panama 37. Original Dixieland One Step 38. Muskrat Ramble 39. Riverboat Shuffle 40. Clarinet Marmalade 41. Squeeze Me (Take One And Two) 42. Royal Garden Blues (Take Five) 43. That Da Da Strain (Take One) 44. That Da Da Strain (Take Two) 45. Carolina In The Morning (Take One) 46. Carolina In The Morning (Take Two) 47. Weary Blues (3 False Starts And Complete Take) Disc 4: Ken Colyer's All Star Jazzmen. Hot Time In The Old Town 48. I Want To Be Happy 49. Go Down Sunshine 50. Sister Kate 51. Basin Street Blues 52. Hot Time In The Old Town 53. Cheek To Cheek 54. It's Only A Paper Moon 55. One Sweet Letter From You Disc 5: Humphrey Lyttelton & His Band. Georgia Man56. In Swinger 57. Toot'n In Kamen 58. Talk Of The Town 59. One For Buck 60. Harry Looyah 61. St. Louis Blues 62. The New Bad Penny Blues 63. Georgia Man Disc 6: Terry Lightfoot & His Band. Sentimental Journey 64. Barnyard Blues 65. This Little Light Of Mine 66. Happy Bird Shuffle 67. 12th Street Rag 68. Old Man Mose 69. That's A Plenty 70. Tishomingo Blues 71. Buena Sera 72. Sentimental Journey 73. Dippermouth Blues Disc 7: Eddie Condon And His All Stars. With Jack Teagarden, Pee Wee Russel, Bud Freeman. Oh, Sister Ain't That Hot 74. Ballin' The Jack 75. I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None Of My Jelly Roll 76. Sensation 77. Fidgety Feet 78. Jack Hits The Road 79. Forty-Seven And State 80. Muskrat Ramble 81. That Da-Da Strain82. Shim-Me-Sha-Wabble 83. At The Jazz Band Ball 84. Prince Of Wails 85. After Awhile 86. Oh, Sister Ain't That Hot 87. Georgia Grind 88. That's A Plenty 89. Panama 90. Original Dixieland One Step 91. Baby Won't You Please Come Home 92. Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out 93. Rose Room 94. I Must Have That Man 95. When Your Lover Has Gone Disc 8: Rod Mason Band. High Society96. High Society 97. Beale Street Blues 98. You're Driving Me Crazy 99. Sweet Georgia Brown 100. Georgia On My Mind 101. Carry Me Back 102. You Made Me Love You 103. Salutation 104. Hushaby 105. Basin Street Blues Disc 9: Max Collie's Rhythm Aces. Stomp Off, Let's Go 106. Stomp Off, Let's Go! 107. Chimes Blues 108. Doctor Jazz 109. Brownskin Mama 110. High Society 111. Snag It 112. Moarie 113. Baby Brown 114. Cakewalking Babies From Home Disc 10: Monty Sunshine's Jazzband. Riverboat Shuffle115. Wolverine Blues 116. Yellow Dog Blues 117. Sweet Sue 118. Bugle Boy March 119. Wild Cat Blues 120. Margie 121. The Glory Of Love 122. Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet 123. Riverboat Shuffle 124. Mood Indigo 125. What's The Reason Год:

Mod Jazz And Then Some!
Цена: 1439.руб
Описание: Год:

Roland Kirk. Domino / Reeds & Deeds
Цена: 1059.руб
Описание: Год:

George Gershwin. George Gershwin (10 CD)
Цена: 2179.руб
Описание: Содержание: CD 1: 01. Variations On ''Fascinating Rhythm''; Variations On ''Liza'' 02. Second Prelude 03. Interview 04. I Got Rhythm 05. Signature 06. Of Thee I Sing: Overture 07. The Man I Love 08. I Got Rhythm 09. Commercial 10. Swanee; Sing-Off 11. Signature 12. Mine 13. Variations On ''I Got Rhythm'' 14. Love Is Sweeping The Country 15. Commercial 16. Wintergreen For President; Sign-Off 17. Introduction; Summertime (Vocals By Abbie Mitchell) 18. Woman Is A Sometime Thing (Vocals By Edward Matthews) 19. Act I, Scene 1: Finale 20. My Man's Gone Now (Vocals By Ruby Elzy) 21. Bess, You Are My Woman Now (Vocals By Todd Duncan And Anne Brown) CD 2: 01. Rhapsody In Blue 02. Prelude № 1 03. Prelude № 2 04. Prelude № 3 05. Andante From Rhapsody In Blue 06. American In Paris 07. Second Rhapsody Rehearsal Performance CD 3: 01. You've Got What Gets Me (Eddie Quillan, Dixie Lee, Mitzi Green And The Rko Studio Orchestra) 02. Fascinating Rhythm (Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra, Piano Solo By Mickey Rooney) 03. Embraceable You (Judy Garland, Ralph Blane, Henry Kruze, Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra) 04. Boy! What Love Has Done To Me (Extended Version) (Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra) 05. Treat Me Rough (Extended Version) (June Allyson, Mickey Rooney, The Music Maids, Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra) 06. I Got Rhythm (Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney, Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra, Six Hits And A Miss, The Music Maids, Hal Hopper, Trudy Erwin, Bobbie Canvin) 07. Could You Use Me? (Judy Garland And Mickey Rooney) 08. Ouverture Medley: Swanee, Somebody Loves Me, Fascinating Rhythm, Embraceable You, Oh Lady, Be Good, The Man I Love, I Got Rhythm, Liza, Rhapsody In Blue, Strike Up The Band (Warner Bros. Studio Orchestra) 09. Swanee (Al Jolson) 10. 135th Street Blues (Blue Monday) (John B. Hughes, The Warner Bros. Studio Chorus) 11. Summertime (Extended Version) (Anne Brown) 12. Delicious (Extended Version) (Sally Sweetland For Joan Leslie) 13. Third Prelude (Outtake) (Oscar Levant) CD 4: 01. Shall We Dance (Ouverture) (Orchestra) 02. Slap That Bass (Fred Astaire, Chorus) 13. (I've Got) Beginner's Luck (Fred Astaire And The Rko Radio Orchestra, Conducted By Nathaniel Shilkret) 04. They All Laughed (With Extendend Chorus) (Ginger Rogers) 05. Let's Call The Hole Thing Off (Ginger Rogers, Fred Astaire) 06. They Can't Take That Away From Me (Fred Astaire And The Rko Radio Orchestra) 07. Promenade (Walking The Dog) (The Rko Radio Orchestra, Conducted By Nathaniel Shilkret) 08. Shall We Dance (Final) (Fred Astaire) 09. I Can't Be Bothered Now (Fred Astaire And The Rko Radio Orchestra) 10. A Foggy Day (Fred Astaire And The Rko Radio Orchestra) 11. Nice Work If You Can Get It (Fred Astaire, Jan Duggen, Mary Dean, Pearl Amator) 12. Things Are Looking Up (Fred Astaire And The Rko Radio Orchestra, Conducted By Victor Baravelle) 13. I Was Doing All Right (Ella Logan) 14. Love Walked In (Outtake) (Virginia Verrill For Andrea Leeds, Jon Hall And The Samuel Goldwyn Studio Orchestra, Conducted By Edward Powell) 15. Oh! Lady, Be Good (Artie Shaw And His Orchestra) CD 5: 01. Strike Up The Band (Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney, Six Hits And A Miss, The M-G-M Studio Chorus & Orchestra, Conducted By Georgie Stoll) 02. Somebody Loves Me (Lena Home And The M-G-M Studio Orchestra) 03. The Babbitt And The Bromide (Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly) 04. Liza (All The Clouds'll Roll Away) (Avon Long & The M-G-M Studio Chorus) 05. Opening Music / Sweet Packard (Vocal Chorus) 06. Changing My Tune (Betty Grable) 07. Stand Up And Fight (Chorus) 08. Aren't You Kind Of Glad We Did (Betty Grable, Dick Haymes) 09. Changing My Tune (Reprise) (Betty Grable) 10. Back Bay Polka (But Not In Boston) (Betty Grable, Allyn Joslyn, Charles Kemper) 11. One, Two, Three (Dick Haymes, Chorus) Waltzing Is Better Sitting Down (Dick Haymes) Waltz Me No Waltzes (Betty Grable) 12. For You, For Me, For Evermore (Dick Haymes, Betty Grable) 13. For You, For Me, For Evermore (Reprise) (Dick Haymes) 14. Aren't You Kind Of Glad We Did (Finale) (Betty Grable, Dick Haymes) CD 6: 01. Somebody Loves Me (The Columbians Dance Orchestra) 02. I'll Build A Stairway To Paradise (Paul Whiteman And His Orchestra) 03. Nashville Nightingale (Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians) 04. I Won't Say I Will (But I Won't Say I Won't) (Irene Bordoni) 05. Boy Wanted (Heather Thatcher) 06. Song Of The Flame (Tessa Kosta) 07. Clap Yo' Hands (Roger Wolfe Kahn And His Orchestra) 08. Do, Do, Do (Gertrude Lawrence, Accompanied By Tom Waring On Piano) 09. Someone To Watch Over Me (Gertrude Lawrence) 10. Fascinating Rhythm (Cliff Edwards, Paul Whiteman And His Orchestra) 11. Oh! Lady, Be Good! (Paul Whiteman And His Orchestra) 12. Funny Face (Adele And Fred Astaire) 13. That Certain Feeling (Percival Mackey And His Band) 14. Looking For A Boy (Roger Wolfe Kahn And His Orchestra) 15. Sweet And Low-Down (Paul Whiteman And His Orchestra) 16. The Man I Love (Fred Rich And His Hotel Astor Orchestra, Vocals By Vaughn De Leath) CD 7: 01. My One And Only (Johnny Johnson And His Statler Pennsylvanians, Vocals By Charles Murray, Sam Browne, Bob Treaster 02. 'S Wonderful (Victor Arden, Phil Ohman And Their Orchestra) 03. Oh Gee! Oh Joy! (Ben Selvin And His Orchestra) 04. Liza (Leo Reisman And His Orchestra) 05. Soon (Victor Arden, Phil Ohman And Their Orchestra) 06. I Got Rhythm (Ethel Waters) 07. Bidin' My Time (The Blue Jeans) 08. Sam And Delilah (Duke Ellington And His Cotton Club Orchestra Featuring Chick Bullock) 09. My Cousin In Milwaukee (Lyda Roberti) 10. Let 'Em Eat Cake (Paul Whiteman And His Orchestra) 11. Overture From Of Thee I Sing (Nbc Radio Orchestra) 12. Who Cares? (Victor Arden, Phil Ohman And Their Orchestra) 13. The Buzzard Song (Lawrence Tibbett) 14. I Got Plenty O' Nuttin' (Todd Duncan) 15. The Man I Love (Lena Home) CD 8: 01. Somebody Loves Me (Benny Goodman And His Orchestra) 02. I'll Build A Stairway To Paradise (Johnny Williams And His Swing Sextet) 03. Summertime (Billie Holiday And Her Orchestra) 04. 'S Wonderful (Benny Goodman Quartet) 05. Liza (The Nat King Cole Trio) 06. Who Cares? (Fred Astaire) 07. But Not For Me (Harry James And His Orchestra Featuring Helen Forrest) 08. Embraceable You (Tommy Dorsey And His Orchestra) 09. But Not For Me (Judy Garland Accompanied By Ivan Ditmars On Piano) 10. Mine (Bing Crosby And Judy Garland) 11. Aren't Ya Kinda Glad We Did? (Vaughn Monroe And Betty Norton) 12. The Man I Love (Billie Holiday) 13. Someone To Watch Over Me (Frank Sinatra With Axel Stordahl And His Orchestra) 14. Embraceable You (Charlie Parker Quintet) CD 9: 01. Love Walked In (Gershwin - Gershwin) (Chet Baker) 02. Love Is Here To Stay (Gershwin - Gershwin) (Ben Webster) 03. I Can't Get Started (Gershwin - Duke) (Lester Young) 04. But Not For Me (Gershwin - Gershwin) (Sonny Rollins) 05. The Man I Love (Gershwin - Gershwin) (Django Reinhardt) 06. A Froggy Day (G. & I. Gershwin) (Mel Torme) 07. I Got Rhythm (I. Gershwin - G. Gershwin) (Oscar Peterson) 08. Lady Be Good (G. & I. Gershwin) (Zoot Sims) 09. Nice Work If You Can Get It (Gershwin - Gershwin) (Buddy Rich) 10. Love Walked In (G. & I. Gershwin) (Dave Brubeck) 11. They Can't Take That Away From Me (G. & I. Gershwin) (Sarah Vaughan) 12. Maybe (G. & I. Gershwin) (Bing Crosby) 13. Liza (All The Clouds 'Ii Roll A Way) (Kahn - Gershwin - Gershwin) (Fletcher Henderson) 14. How Long Has This Been Going On (Gershwin - Gershwin) (Jay Jay Johnson) 15. Jenny (Gershwin - Weill) (Mildred Bailey) 16. My One And Only (G. &. I. Gershwin) (Ella Fitzgerald) 17. Fascinating Rhythm (G. & I. Gershwin) (Stan Kenton) 18. Swanee (Gershwin - Caesar) (Judy Garland) CD 10: Blue Monday - A One Act Jazz Opera Williams Haskin - Bazemore Washington - Tussel Thomas Orchestra Della Svizzera Italiana Marc Andreae-Francois-Joel Thiollier 01. Blue Monday (Gershwin - Desylva) (Orchestra Della Svizzera Italiana) 02. Looking For A Boy (Gershwin) (Francois-Joel Thiollier – Piano) 03. Sweet And Low-Down (Gershwin) (Francois-Joel Thiollier – Piano) 04. Maybe (Gershwin) (Francois-Joel Thiollier – Piano) 05. Clap Yo' Hands (Gershwin) (Francois-Joel Thiollier – Piano) 06. My One And Only (Gershwin) (Francois-Joel Thiollier – Piano) 07. 'S Wonderful / Funny Face (Gershwin) (Francois-Joel Thiollier – Piano) 08. Someone To Watch Over Me (Gershwin) (Francois-Joel Thiollier – Piano) 09. That Certain Feeling (Gershwin) (Francois-Joel Thiollier – Piano) 10. Delicious (Gershwin) (Original Soundtrack) 11. Dream Sequence (Gershwin) (Original Soundtrack) 12. Somebody From Somewhere (Gershwin) (Original Soundtrack) 13. Katinkitschken (Gershwin) (Original Soundtrack) 14. Blah, Blah, Blah (Gershwin) (Original Soundtrack) 15. New York Rhapsody: Explanation Of The Scene (Original Soundtrack) 16. New York Rhapsody (Gershwin) (Original Soundtrack) Год:

Jazz Lounge (5 CD)
Цена: 3329.руб
Описание: Год:

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Музыка на CD-дисках и пластинках.
Альтернативный рок
Гранж, пост гранж, нью метал
Российская альтернативная музыка
Emo, emo-core
Классический рок
Мэйнстрим поп рок
Heavy metal
Death metal
Gothic metal
Power metal
Trash metal
Тяжелый рок. Метал в России
Groove-metal. Metalcore
Арт-рок. Прогрессив-рок
Исполнители современного русского рока
Питерский рок. Рок-группы России
Московский рок
Легенды русского рока
Рок-музыка ближнего зарубежья
Лови настроение Рок-н-Ролл
Рок-н-ролл. Рокабилли
Сборники рок музыки
Бритпоп. Манчестер
Зарубежный рок MP3
Русский панк-рок
Русский рок MP3
Французский рок
Зарубежная поп-музыка
Сборники поп-музыки
Российская поп-музыка
Российская поп-музыка 80-е-90-е гг
Популярная музыка MP3
Шведская и датская поп-музыка
Хип-Хоп (Hip-Hop)
Рэп Хип-хоп в России
Сборники Rap Hip-Hop RnB
Музыка из зарубежных фильмов
Музыка к советским фильмам
Оперетта. Мюзикл. Театральные постановки
Актер и песня
Музыка к мультфильмам
Лучшие саундтреки Голливуда
Музыка к современному российскому кино
Театр у микрофона. Спектакли. Передачи
Музыка индийского кино
Песни танцы для детей
Классическая музыка для детей
Сказки для детей. Мюзиклы. Инсценировки
Музыка для детей MP3
Песни из кино для детей
Звуки природы для детей
Колыбельные песни для детей
Развивающие программы для детей
Happy Baby серия дисков
Новая волна, синтипоп, электропоп
Исполнители шансона
Шансон и барды MP3
Ресторанные дворовые песни
Сборники русского шансона
Великие исполнители России ХХ века
Ретро сборники
Эстрада 50-60-х годов
Ретро и эстрада MP3
Эстрада 20-30 годов
Авторская песня
Созвездие хитов, музыкальная серия
Grand Collection, музыкальная серия
Musicards, музыкальные открытки
Любимые песни, музыкальная серия
Новая коллекция, музыкальная серия
Любовное настроение, музыкальная серия
Французская эстрада и шансон
Disco 70-90-х
Итальянская исполнители эстрады
Сборники итальянской эстрады
Мелодия архивы фирмы
Военная и патриотическая песня
Разговорный жанр
Зарубежные классические композиторы
Оркестровые классические произведения
Исполнители классической музыки
Лучшие классические вокалисты
Таланты России, классические солисты
Новые имена оперного искусства
Сборники классической музыки
Фортепианная музыка
Симфонические произведения
Опера, оперетта, мюзикл
Русские композиторы
Скрипка. Концерты
Классическая музыка MP3
Хоровые произведения
Музыка для различных инструментов
Виолончель концерты
Популярная классическая музыка
Мировая классика в современной обработке
The Very Best Of. EMI Classic
The Best of Classics
Das Alte Werk
Elatus, Зодиакальная коллекция классики
Elatus, Золотая классика
Elatus, Brilliant Classics
Балет. Вальс. Мазурка
Мелодия, архивы фирмы
Органная музыка
Духовная музыка и церковное пение
Классическая гитара
Рок и Альтернатива, виниловые пластинки
World Music, виниловые пластинки
Джаз & Блюз, виниловые пластинки
Популярная музыка, виниловые пластинки
Российские исполнители, виниловые пластинки
Электронная музыка, виниловые пластинки
Классическая музыка, виниловые пластинки
Джаз вокальный
Джаз классический
Сборники джаза
Latin Jazz. Guitar Jazz
Фортепианный джаз
Free Jazz
Avant-Garde Jazz
Джаз в России, Jazz-Pop
Soul Jazz
Jazz Blues
Cool Jazz
Big Band
Progressive Jazz
Оркестровый джаз
Легенды джаза
Легенды блюза
Сборники блюза
Electric Blues
Piano Blues
Acoustic Blues
Country Blues
Post-bop. Hard-bop
Acid Jazz
Smooth Jazz
Джаз & Блюз MP3
Популярные музыкальные серии
Музыкальные открытки (Musicards)
BD Series
Jazz Archives
Blues Archives
World music
Кантри музыка
Латиноамериканская музыка
Этническая музыка
Восточная музыка
Русский фольклор
Кельтский и Ирландский фольклор
Цыганский фольклор
Инструментальная музыка
Музыка для релаксации и медитация
Сеансы исцеляющей музыки
Натуральные звуки природы
New Age
Танцы, танцы, танцы.
Музыка для релаксации MP3
Фольклор и этническая музыка MP3
Dance, электронная музыка
House. Progressive House
Techno. Electro
Lounge. Chillout. Downtempo
Top DJ Танцевальная музыка. Сборники
Top DJ Trance. Goa Trance. Progressive Trance
Альтернативная электронная музыка
World Club Music
Электронная танцевальная музыка MP3
Российская электронная сцена
Drum & Bass. Jungle. Break beat
Ibiza Music. Amnesia. Pacha
Space Rock
Сборники Hotel Costes
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