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Piano Blues

Randy Weston, Billy Harper. The Roots Of The Blues
Цена: 909.руб
Описание: Год:

Exotic Blues & Rhythm. Volume 5 & 6. Gibble Gobble & Sadaba
Цена: 1749.руб
Описание: Год:

Jimi Hendrix. Blues
Цена: 739.руб
Описание: Год:

Dion. Tank Full Of Blues
Цена: 1329.руб
Описание: Год:

Desert Blues. Ambiance Du Sahara (2 CD)
Цена: 1859.руб
Описание: Год:

Reverend Gary Davis. Hesitation Blues (2 CD)
Цена: 749.руб
Описание: Издание содержит 36-страничный буклет с дополнительной информацией и текстами песен на английском языке. Год:

Ray Charles. Pure Genius. The Complete Atlantic Recordings 1952-1959 (7 CD)
Цена: 3299.руб
Описание: Год:

Moody Blues. Days Of Future Passed (LP)
Цена: 1399.руб
Описание: Год:

Bluesin' By The Bayou - Ain't Broke, Ain't Hungry
Цена: 1029.руб
Описание: Год:

The Blues Masters
Цена: 313.руб
Описание: Год:

Santana 4: Live At The House Of Blues Las Vegas (Blu-ray)
Цена: 2089.руб
Описание: On March 21st, 2016, a few weeks prior to the release of the Santana IV album, this classic line-up of Santana took to the stage at the House Of Blues in Las Vegas. This was a hugely anticipated reunion of a line-up that had not performed and recorded together since the early seventies. It brought back the scintillating combination of rock, Latin, blues, jazz and African rhythms which was the band's trademark and made them truly unique.In addition to this fantastic concert, Live At The House Of Blues, Las Vegas includes interviews with the band as a bonus feature. Live At The House Of Blues, Las Vegas was a celebration of the chemistry, dynamism and pure musical joy that had made the original band so special and earned them a place in so many fans' hearts. It is a show to be enjoyed over and over again. Track List: 1. Soul Sacrifice2. Jingo3. Evil Ways4. Everybody's Everything5. Shake It6. Anywhere You Want To Go7. Choo Choo8. All Aboard9. Samba Pa Ti10. Batuka11. No One To Depend On12. Leave Me Alone13. Suenos14. Caminandov15. Blues Magic16. Echizo17. Come As You Are18. Yambu19. Black Magic Woman / Gypsy Queen20. Oye Como Va21. Ronald Isley Intro22. Love Makes The World Go Round23. Freedom In Your Mind24. Toussaint L'ouverture Год:

Avid Master Series. Louis Armstrong. Blues For Yesterday
Цена: 859.руб
Описание: Год:

Entre Mer Et Ciel. Island Blues (2 CD)
Цена: 1859.руб
Описание: Год:

Oliver Nelson. Screamin' The Blues
Цена: 669.руб
Описание: Год:

The Very Best Of Burlesque (2 CD)
Цена: 569.руб
Описание: Содержание: CD 1: 01. The Stripper - David Rose 02. Harlem Nocturne - The Viscounts 03. Peter Gunn - Ray Anthony And His Orchestra 04. Purple Wail - Red Prysock 05. Slow Walk - Sil Austin 06. Night Train - Louis Prima 07. Fever - Louis Prima 08. (Every Time I Hear That) Mellow Saxophone - Roy Montrell 09. Dr. Jive Jives - Buddy Johnson And His Orchestra 10. Gator’s Groove - Willis ‘Gator’ Jackson 11. Street Scene - Sam Butera And The Witnesses 12. She Likes To Boogie Real Low - Frankie Lee Sims 13. I’m Tore Up - Billy Gayles 14. Hog Wash - Louis Jordan And His Tympani Five 15. Satellite Baby - Roosevelt Sykes 16. Cherokee - Earl Bostic 17. Algo Bueno (Woody ‘N’ You) - Dizzy Gillespie 18. Jam Up - Tommy Ridgley 19. Soft - Tiny Bradshaw And His Orchestra 20. Susie-Q - Dale Hawkins 21. Strip Tease Swing - Big Jay McNeely 22. Rumble - Link Wray And His Ray Men 23. Patricia - Perez Prado And His Orchestra 24. Teardrops From My Eyes - Ruth Brown 25. Minnie The Moocher - Cab Calloway CD 2: 01. Beyond The Sea - Bobby Darin 02. Whatever Lola Wants - Carmen Macrae 03. Just An Old-Fashioned Girl - Eartha Kitt 04. Just A Gigolo…I Ain’t Got Nobody - Louis Prima 05. Honky Tonk (Part 2) - Bill Doggett 06. T-Town Twist - Roy Milton And His Solid Senders 07. Rock Bottom - Red Callender Sexttette 08. I Can’t Love You Enough - Lavern Baker And The Gliders 09. So Many Ways (To Love You) - Varetta Dillard 10. Daddy, Daddy - Ruth Brown And Her Rhythm Makers 11. Do You Want It? - Julia Lee And Her Boy Friends 12. Walkin’ With Mr. Lee - Lee Allen And His Band 13. Rich Woman - Li’l Millet And His Creoles 14. Don’t You Cry - Big Joe Turner 15. It’s You Or No One - Gene Ammons 16. Hot Little Mama - Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson 17. Bobby’s Boogie - Morris Lane And His Band 18. Red Top - Gene Ammons Sextet 19. Rock Candy - Big Jay Mcneely 20. I Want To Make Love To You - Jimmy McCracklin 21. Big Fat Mamas Are Back In Style Again - Bull Moose Jackson 22. More Bounce To The Ounce - Lynn Hope Quintet 23. Beef Stew - Hal Singer Sextette 24. Mambo Baby - Ruth Brown And Her Rhythmakers 25. The Honeydripper - Cab Calloway Год:

Blues Pills. Lady In Gold - Live in Paris (2 CD)
Цена: 1399.руб
Описание: Год:

Steve Earle. Transcendental Blues
Цена: 729.руб
Описание: Год:

Ray Charles. King Of Cool. The Genius Of Ray Charles (3 CD)
Цена: 1099.руб
Описание: Год:

Hadda Brooks. Swingin' The Boogie
Цена: 929.руб
Описание: Год:

Blues Masters. Originals
Цена: 659.руб
Описание: Год:

Gary Moore. Blues For Jimi (CD + DVD)
Цена: 1199.руб
Описание: This unique concert was filmed at the London hippodrome on 25 October 2007. It formed a part of the launch for the Jimi Hendrix "live at Monterey" programme and features Gary Moore and his Band Reforming classic Hendrix tracks. At the end of the might Gary was joined by Mitch Mitchell and Billy cox of the Jimi Hendrix experience for 3 tracks. Gary Moore was one of the finest British guitarists of all time and is one of the few players who could pay homage to Jimi Hendrix's groundbreaking and truly distinctive guitar style. This is a stunning tribute from one master guitarist to another. DVD: 9 / NTSC 0 / 16:9 Screen Format / Dolby Surround 5.1, Dolby Digital Stereo Год:

Complete Blues. The Roots Of The Allman Brothers Band
Цена: 869.руб
Описание: Год:

A Rhythm & Blues Chronology 3. 1945-46 (4 CD)
Цена: 3629.руб
Описание: Год:

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Виолончель концерты
Популярная классическая музыка
Мировая классика в современной обработке
The Very Best Of. EMI Classic
The Best of Classics
Das Alte Werk
Elatus, Зодиакальная коллекция классики
Elatus, Золотая классика
Elatus, Brilliant Classics
Балет. Вальс. Мазурка
Мелодия, архивы фирмы
Органная музыка
Духовная музыка и церковное пение
Классическая гитара
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Джаз вокальный
Джаз классический
Сборники джаза
Latin Jazz. Guitar Jazz
Фортепианный джаз
Free Jazz
Avant-Garde Jazz
Джаз в России, Jazz-Pop
Soul Jazz
Jazz Blues
Cool Jazz
Big Band
Progressive Jazz
Оркестровый джаз
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Легенды блюза
Сборники блюза
Electric Blues
Piano Blues
Acoustic Blues
Country Blues
Post-bop. Hard-bop
Acid Jazz
Smooth Jazz
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BD Series
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Сеансы исцеляющей музыки
Натуральные звуки природы
New Age
Танцы, танцы, танцы.
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Lounge. Chillout. Downtempo
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Top DJ Trance. Goa Trance. Progressive Trance
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World Club Music
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Ibiza Music. Amnesia. Pacha
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